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    Nano-coating, Nano-sealing

    or impregnation! CTC your lighthouse in nanotechnology!

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    Nano made in Germany

    Nano research, development and production - at CTC everything Made in Germany!

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    Car detailer with Nano - polishes

    Whether classic cars or new cars our nano products provide the protection ! Retro cars, classic cars, Sport cars, show cars automotive!

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    Nano plastic protection

    Keeps plastics clean outside like inside!

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    Nano- Graffiti - Protection

    For all areas, It should remain free from graffiti!

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    Nano-Ceramic Protection

    Protects ceramic tiles, bath and other ceramic objects: Nano-ceramic protection.

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    Functional clothing & tents

    We have also the matching Nano impregnations.

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    Nano-glass protection

    Less cleaning - due to nano-glass protection!

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    Nano-house paint

    due to the nanotechnology, remain facades for long time beautiful!

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    Nano wood protection

    Protects wood from wind and weather: Nano wood protection!

Nano-sealing & nano-coating - Nanotechnology made in Germany!

We advise you, when it comes to finding the perfect nano-products for your applications! We have researched since 1998 in the field of nanotechnology and developing nano products for many areas of applications, from A to Z. From Car detailer (Car valeting) of functional clothing, corrosion protection and Nano-house paint up to the waterproof tents . Discover our range of nano! Under our 680 nano-products, you can easily determine the correct nano-coating or nano sealant or impregnation for you!


CTC - your reliable partner in nano-technology - with the strong brand of NANOIDENT®

Nanotechnology is a matter of trust! Therefore our nine-member team have researched, developed and manufactured our products since 1998 exclusively in Germany. At the time protection of the environment and the safety of our nano products is particularly important to us. With our brand NANOIDENT® we have made us in 20 countries a name. We have achieved a lot, but we want more, because we know that the nanotechnology has great potential. We want to further exploit this potential, to meet the needs of our customers in the best way. Here what is drives us. Let us know what we can do for you!

Ihre CTC Nanotechnology GmbH 

German brand quality

Made in Germany without compromise: Our proven brand NANOIDENT®.

High function & warranty

Our nano products provide a high performance and service life, with a guarantee of up to 15 years!

Environmentally safe & secure

Free of silicone, fluorocarbon and wax! Some of our nano products are water based.

What our customers say: reasons for buying the organic products at the CTC Nanotechnology GmbH

Width nano range
Good service & Fast delivery
Quality, reliability and safety
Good value for money
Multiple answers were possible!

CTC Nanotechnology GmbH -
We for You

We carry out research in the field of nano technology, develop, , produce and distribute nano-products, such as nano sealers, Nano coatings and impregnations. We cover virtually all areas of applications from Car preparation, corrosion protection and nano exterior paint color to feature clothing. Our brand of IDENT® has established successfully in 20 countries.
Passion! We develop our nano-products to be suitable to the needs of our customers. We have not only today, but always tomorrow also in sight. For us the quality, safety and environmental performance of our nano products are very important. We want to make the life of our customers better, more enjoyable and safer. We give our best every day, because we are convinced, that our customers expect which rightly of us. Our action is carried by the belief that technology can improve the world and in the futur.
We have a 1998 based, independent and owner-operated company headquartered in Merzig, Saarland, Germany. Our team has worked since 2013 in our new corporate building, we have designed it for the requirements of nano research, development and production. We distribute our nano-products, trading partners, both directly, in Germany as well as in 19 other countries.

Nano-Competence since 1998

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Here you can find our Nano-pages about special product groups or nano-topics

For some of our most special popular nano products and themes we have own websites or subpages created. So if you are looking for one of the following topics you can find out more by clicking on the photo or the link, more on the subject:


Nano-Car preparation Car deatailer or Car valeting

Car polish was yesterday! For those who prefer a Car with less polishing! The products of NANOIDENT® CARLINE Serie series is the right option for Car deatailer or Car valetingFor those who prefer less polishing a Car! Because our partners in terms of nano Car preparation or Car detailer ensure that each Car paint is a dirt-repellent high-gloss - shine finish. With up to 5 years warranty! We have of course also the optimal nano-seals for the windscreen and the interior. Find out more at nanoauto.de/en.



Antibacterial nano products

Our NANOIDENT® ANTIMIC-System can be much more effective than conventional disinfectants. The product does not only kill bacteria including antibiotic-resistant hospital germs, but also for 48 hours reliably keeps the treated surfaces free of 99.9% of all germs. Through this antibacterial nano- sealant, hospitals and medical practices have finally a real chance to win the fight against antibiotic-resistant germs permanently. Find out more at anti-bakteriell.de.




Nano-Furniture coating

Our NANOIDENT® range of furniture and kitchen protects furniture in private and commercial area and it is the easiest for cleaning -of course food is safe! With our nano-coating for furniture the surfaces are stain-resistant, grease resistant, oil protect dirt-repellent and additionally protected from scratches - with up to 10 years long term function. By the way you can be saved by the nano-coating of furniture also cleaner. That's good for the budget and the environment. Learn more at moebelversiegelung.de.



Nano-Stone-coating – Stone sealer

With our product line NANOIDENT® concrete and stone we meet the customer demand for reliable protection of concrete and stone surfaces, indoors as well as outdoors. The concrete coating or sealer or stone coating or sealing surfaces are protect from moss, algae, dirt and stains. Our terracotta Impregnator is particularly popular in the interior. The long term protection by the nature has intuited, lotus effect, internal as external, up to 10 years! Find out more at stein-imprägnierung.de/en.



Nano-coating -sealing for yacht

The NANOIDENT® water sports and yacht series offered you the appropriate Nano-coatings and Nano sealers for every water sports and yacht customers. For example, yachts, jet ski, sailboats or surfboards are water-repellent, stain-resistant and oil-resistant. The hull of yachts and boats will protect also against yellowish layer surface, mussels and vegetation. we offer you for some of our yacht coatings guarantee up to 10 years! Details, you can read at yachtversiegelung.de.



Glass nano sealer or sealant

Our NANOIDENT® glass series sprotects all glass surfaces in the interior and outdoor areas and makes them water and dirt repellent. While the owners of corporate buildings, especially on the high cost savings, which brings a glass nano coating with it, private customers particularly especially the work and time savings.On request, such as roof windows, glass facades, conservatories, canopies, solar and photovoltaic systems or shower cubicles are protected up to 15 years! glas-nanoversiegelung.de/en



9H Nano-Ceramic coating

Our NANOIDENT® 9H Car ceramic coating allows all means of transport from cars, the motorcycle down to the camper, shine! For windscreen and side windows, the nano-ceramic coating. NANOIDENT® CPP Protec is available, while the wheels with NANOIDENT® NANOIDENT® ALUPROTEC PRO are protected. Learn more about nano coating for Car leather, plastics and textiles, under nano-keramikversiegelung.de.



Nano-Non Stick Coating

Special Resistant Industrial nano products Our innovative fluorine-free - teflon-free (polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE free) NANOIDENT® industrial coating product line for metal, steel, stainless steel, plastic, glass or painted industrial surfaces. Also for frying pans, baking trays, baking pans, convection ovens, ovens, Meat machines, metalworking machines, metal panels, mechanical engineering, steel construction or stainless steel - aluminum, bronze, brass, copper in industry and in the food industry as well as nano products with anti fingerprint and our nano products with proven corrosion protection protect it against dirt, oil, grease, resin or other contaminants. The anti-stick function is improved, it protects even from caking and the triumph of glazing. Special nano products are very high temperature resistance, very smooth and very resistant to corrosion and produce solid and (solid - scratch) resistant surface. The unique industrial coating series with anti-stick function! Furthermore, this product range also contains special resistant nano slip varnishes and colored industrial nano varnishes with a high strength. nano-antihaftbeschichtung.de.


For dealer: Modular nano manufacturing or production

For some time, we offer you the possibility to manufacture our products using the modular nano manufacturing even for dealers, chemical companies and trading partners. This save the transportation costs and protects the environment. This is made possible by our CTC Master Elixir. All CTC Master Elixier are free of dangerous goods. Thus the shipment is also international, safe, inexpensive and possible. More information on our themes page: Modulare Nano-Fertigung.


Our services in nanotechnology:

Nano advice and consulting

Competent Nano advice

We advise you individually and comprehensively, Which of nano-products suits you! Applications requirements and wishes? We help you to choose!

nano products

nano products

With us you have the choice between 680 nano-products. The right nano-product is not present?!! How about an own Nano private label.

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nano quote

You will receive an individual written nano offer, tailored to your applications and wishes.

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